COVID-19 Help!

March 18, 2020

June Update: Hosts are available and ready to house you!

Do you need a place to stay?  We are here to help.

While we can't guarantee placement, we will do our best to find a temporary home for you during this difficult time.  IFI Cincy is partnering with several organizations to offer the following assistance to you and your friends during this challenging time:

About The Hosts

We have asked all potential hosts to provide the following:

  • a bed/mattress
  • reliable WiFi
  • transportation
  • all members of household are healthy
  • household contains no at-risk individuals
  • background check
  • consideration for the belongings you may be bringing with you
  • expectation to host you at least until the end of the semester (April 30)

What you need to know

  • The first question we will ask is if you have a cough or fever.  If you do have a cough or fever, we cannot guarantee housing.  If you are symptomatic, but have tested negative for COVID-19, please let us know at the end of your registration form.
  • You may share a room with another student of your gender.
  • You may be asked to help offset the cost of expenses during your stay
  • Your host may require that you follow the recommended CDC guidelines for social distancing.  They will discuss their preferences with you before you move in.
  • The host may not be able to accommodate all of your belongings.  U-Haul is offering 30-day storage for college students.  Click here for more information.
  • If you need to change hosts for any reason, we will be here to assist and support you.

Risk & Liability

COVID-19 is an illness that may not show any symptoms until 2-14 days after exposure.  There is a possibility that you may be placed in a home with someone who has or will have this disease.  By filling out this form, you are saying that you understand the risks and assume all liability.

About Our Partners

  • International Friendships, Inc. (IFI Cincy):
    • International Friendships, Inc. (IFI) works in cooperation with UCIS and the ELS program, and partners with local churches and US Americans to help international students and scholars meet practical needs and develop relationships around social, cultural and spiritual interests.
  • USA Homestays:
    • USA Homestays helps international students experience warmth, comfort and community in an American home.  We place students to live with selected American families so that the experience is culturally beneficial to both student and host.
  • International Students, Inc. (ISI):
    • (ISI) International Students Inc. Is a community-based organization that works with ELS, UCIS, American volunteers and local churches to encourage and serve international students through providing exciting trips, fun socials, spiritual discussion groups, and Friday night weekly dinners. We welcome all international students and scholars from every countries, religion and culture.
  • Bridges International:
    • Bridges International is a faith-based Christian organization on college campuses across the country. International students from various cultures and religious backgrounds are welcome! Activities include weekly meetings, social events, meeting new friends from other cultures, trips, experiencing American culture, and spiritual conversations.
  • UC World Friends:
    • Christian hospitality network to welcome international students to University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati area. We offer temporary housing, friendship partners, English language practice, adventure trips, and Bible Study!